Re: 2465 Has 2465A Power Supply & Odd Capacitor

Lawrance A. Schneider

Thank you!

The "you" was indeed Chuck Harris. I apologize for any misunderstanding.

I don't know how to (in green) "Show quoted text"; it seems a waste of space to show the actual quote. I am again referencing in particular Mr. Harris but anyone else is more than welcome to inject.

So, my manual is dated 1988 (070-6863-01). A further question then: My Manual ends at a page titled Parametric Measurement Troubleshooting; sequentially page 475. Then I have Section 11 which has a date of Jan 1993!; this section ends sequentially at page 495. And then another Section 12 dated various from Jan 1993 to Jun 1993; this section ends sequentially at page 536. Are there other pages my manual does not contain? 1988 is on the Copyright page. IfI know my numbers correctly 1993 is after 1988.

Thank you in advance, larry

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