Re: TEK 5054 CPU Fan

David Kuhn

" BMP format for the printer, then told the scope to print
the screen and captured the data from the serial line to a file."

I would love to learn to do that. I have one utility (that I did not
write) that captures the screen, or at least the waveform part, with the
TDS3000 series scope. It's part of an automatic test system. So I am sure
it can be done. I don't know that the programming manual shows how to do
that, but I will need to study it more closely.

One little chuckle I had to have with the TDS5054. I use a custom 100:1
probe for what I do. It does not have a pin to put the scope in to 100:1
mode automatically. With the TDS3054, I just have to tell it to go to
100:1 mode. I forget the exact command but if I recollect correctly, it is
a'most exactly telling "100". Thru the front panel it's also very easy to
tell it you are using a 100:1 probe.

Well, with the TDS5054, you can not even through the user interface, tell
it manually you have a 100:1 probe. No... You have to tell it you
are attenuating the input signal by 40dB. This scope is an engineer's
scope more than a tech's scope. You have to think a little more to use it
compared to the TDS3000 series.


On Tue, Apr 28, 2020 at 2:55 PM BobH <>

It may not be too difficult to write a utility to do that. I wrote one
for my THS720 a few years ago. Not sure about using the GPIB bus though,
the THS720 only has a serial port. Via the serial port, I configured the
THS720 to use a BMP format for the printer, then told the scope to print
the screen and captured the data from the serial line to a file. Tek
programmers manuals are quite thorough.


On 4/28/20 9:07 AM, David Kuhn wrote:
" TE together via GPIB with a NI USB-HS feeding to my computer - that
me do anything remotely that I want without the risks inherent in having
live on the network."

I used GPIB too, with Agilent Controller and VISA (along with some TEK
sprinkled around here and there). I wish they was a utility to get a
screen shot from the TDS5054. That is why I was looking at network
conductivity. Doing a Scrprt pasting it in to paint and the saving it
to a
thumb drive to transfer the screen shot to a computer that is editing a
documents is a lot of steps and a pain in the ass. With the TDS3054
scopes, I just use openchoice desktop and in a few seconds after
clicking a
button, I have a screen shot and copy it to the clipboard..

Other than some different way of doing the same tasks, adapting it
wise to utilities it easy enough. It's the screen shot that has me

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