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Good point when you look at the list of the Manual for equipment the 465B will help as it is a newer manual also some of the procedures can be significantly short cut with direct measure like the calibrator frequency just hook it up to a frequency counter no need to wait the 10 minutes for drift to set in. The type 184 is useful for 2 different time marks and trigger source at the same time. the pg506 cant do this. I ended up with both.

If you have cal questions I will help where I can I have done 485's and 7K frames.

The hard part is the signal sources can be found on e-bay, but you need a way to know that the signal sources are correct and in spec. Given the age nothing is for sure until checked in and characterized.

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What you need is a Tek TM503 mainframe with PG506 calibration generator, TG501 time mark generator and SG503 levelled sine wave generator, plus a selection of good quality BNC-BNC leads and probably attenuators and normalisers. Gear with the same or better specifications can probably substitute, but I think that the Service Manual for the 465 gives the specifications for calibration gear ( Table 5-1 on page 5-2). The calibration gear that I have mentioned is more up-to-date than that mentioned in the Manual. I suppose it depends on where you are located, but I purchased my TM503 with all of the previously mentioned plug-ins for UKĀ£300 from Stewarts of Reading. I can recommend that supplier as you know the equipment will work within spec. (not always true of stuff bought off eBay).
Good hunting, Colin.

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Thanks for reminding me of calibration.

I was thinking that it might require special equipment ($) to calibrate it. I'm hoping I can do some kind of minimal calibration that makes it useful for a home shop. But I need to get it working at some kind of useful level. Am I dreaming and unrealistic? What kind of money would I be spending on the special equipment? I put lots of effort trying to not replace the CRT. I just ran out of ideas.

Thanks for the advice and I'll start studying the calibration procedures once the scope is working. I have a digital signal generator, a frequency counter, digital multi-meter, and a 20 and 6 GB attenuator.

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