Re: 577 curve tracer 177 test fixture current per division troubleshoot


I started to look at taking the switch out of the 177 fixture of the donor and so far this is appearing the be a nightmare of a task.

It looks like everything is built on top of other things, in order to get to the switch most of the fixture has to be completely disassembled. I wonder if anyone else has undertaken the task of working on a 177 test fixture?

On the manual it states to just simply remove the knob which is easy enough, and then the hex bolts which one side is not so hard to get at but other is way back in there. Finally desolder the leads from the switch however the front plate of the fixture is in the way for some of the leads.

I notice there is a plate over top of the fixture, it would be nice if I could just remove the front plate and remove the nuts for the switch. Wish I could just take out a few screws and out the board comes and then I can enjoy the working current division ranges along with my sanity

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