Re: Electrolytic Capacitor Removal NO Desoldering Required

Stephen Hanselman

I've read this thread with interest, it still bothers me to twist anything connected to a board. If you are going to work on SMD get the proper tools, Hot Air or whatever.

Our method, which has also been practiced over 40 years is to use two soldering irons (res, caps, etc) and an Xacto blade to lift each pin on a logic package. Lots more time but much fewer board screw-ups


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Regarding the issue of causing damage to the SMD pads, using this method.
Just goes to prove that there is no shortage of amateurs who call themselves "techs".

I have repaired / overhauled HUNDREDS of SMD PCB's using this method, and NEVER had a single issue of damage, ever.

There is a specific and EXACT technique to doing this ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
1. Use ONLY bent-nose pliers, NEVER standard pliers. This ensures that you can apply DOWNWARD pressure safely during the entire operation.
2. You MUST apply MODERATE DOWNWARD pressure BEFORE starting the twisting action, and then CONTINUE to apply DOWNWARD pressure,while twisting.

This requires a specific mindset of concentration and focus to execute EXACT and PRECISION work, characteristics sorely lacking in the majority of "techs".

If you do NOT pay attention to the above 2 points, then you increase greatly the chances of damage.

You can always assess a tech's ATTITUDE to his work, by the number and types of mistakes he makes, while blaming his tools or the unit to be repaired.

Menahem Yachad
Jerusalem Israel

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