Re: Vacuum forming 7K interface "covers"


stepping a little out of my depth here as I have not done much 3d printing. but would there be an issue with the lack of flex in the print? These specific parts the flex of the material is a key component as they need to flex when a plugin is inserted. Though I could be mistaken on this.

On 4/22/2020 1:32 PM, Ed Breya via wrote:
Thanks for the detailed info, Chuck.

Your comment

"It is not something that will be easy to make with a 3D printer of
the hobby class, as it is only 29.5 thousandths of an inch thick,
with some features that are less than 5 thousandths.'

is true - if you want to make an exact copy. I believe that with modern 3D printing, someone (not me) could design and print not an exact copy, but a better version that will provide the original function, last long, and be easy to print.

Certain characteristics and dimensions have to be maintained, but, for example, there's probably no need to be exactly 0.0295" thick - what if it's .050" or something else, as long as it can properly snap on and hold as intended, and not cause clearance problems in the plug-in's connector shroud. It would take some study of the whole mechanical situation, but a decent printable alternative may be fairly easy to make - and easily modified if found to have problems later.


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