Re: Vacuum forming 7K interface "covers"

Colin Herbert

Thank You, David, I am now un-flummoxed. It is exactly the part that I was thinking of, but the 3 inch measurement is way too short. As you suggest 4 inch is about right. These parts are also used on the 7000-series extenders, both the rigid and flexible versions (I know because I have one rigid and two flexibles).

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For avoidance of doubt this is p/n 200-0950-00 shown on the mechanical parts breakdowns in all the 7000 series Service manuals.

There are two of these used on each plugin socket on the main interface board to keep pressure on the contact fingers so they press onto the contacts at the rear of the plug-ins.

I would say that 4" x 1" sounds roughly in the ball-park for size.


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I thought that I knew what you were talking about until you gave the size as 1 inch by 3 inches. I am now flummoxed, because that isn't the size of the plastic parts that keep the (gold-plated) contacts in place in the backplane connector. Any chance of a photo or two?

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They are little plastic covers, very thin, and about 1 inch by
3 inches. Their purpose is to restrain the free ends of the gold
socket pins.

They are simply a thin sheet of plastic that is bent to a specific
shape, probably with a vacuum forming method.

They are prone to getting longitudinal cracks, and when that
happens, they fall out, or simply stop retaining the socket
pins. Often the pins will get crumpled by the plugin after this
happens. At a minimum, they won't make uniform contact on all

-Chuck Harris

Roy Thistle wrote:
On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 11:16 AM, Eric wrote:

The plastic covers for the “fingers”
Are those (on a 7603) the white (nylon?) prismatic objects above and below the gold contacts... looking down into the 7603 bay? ... or maybe just a Tek part number?
Best regards.

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