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Sorry about the noise Dave thank you for all that you do your Manuals have saved my butt a few times.

On 4/21/2020 6:27 PM, ArtekManuals wrote:
OK you have my attention though goodness knows why?

The 177 is the "Standard test fixture" for the 577. It is included in the 577 operators manual and has a separate stand alone service manual


On 4/21/2020 1:26 PM, Colin Herbert via wrote:
I think there are a couple of inconsistencies/mistakes here.

The title of your post is "RE: [Tekscopes] Artek Manuals", but it has nothing to do with Artek Manuals.
You start off mentioning a 577, but then go on to mention a 177 twice. As far as I am aware, there is no Tek 177.

I also think that Tam is advising the OP NOT to scrap the 577, so your request is possibly out-of-place.


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If you are scrapping out a 577 I am in need of a high voltage cap from the 177 or would be interested in the whole 177 if it is available.

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on the risk of a beating: if you want to scrap the 577 because of a dead
CRT, do NOT do it.

A fix is forthcoming. Send an e-mail OFF LIST, saying STINKELY.


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