Re: Electrolytic Capacitor Removal NO Desoldering Required

Roy Thistle

On Tue, Apr 21, 2020 at 03:01 PM, Sam Reaves wrote:

I tried it on some scrap boards - I don't recommend it.
Well... IMHO the crux of it is... when they are leaky... or about to leak... and have disgorged... or will soon disgorge, corrosive electrolyte... how do you get them off, without getting more of the electrolyte... or heating/baking... the electrolyte that is on there already... and how do you de-solder them... without excess iron dwell time... when the solder has been "poisoned" by the leaked electrolyte? So, Mr. Carlson is implying/suggesting the method he shows is a kind of trade off?... sort of damned maybe, if you do... and damned maybe, if you don't.

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