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Your ahead of me on this one. Though I can confirm a few things for you. My knowledge of curve tracers is from my time rooting around in a 576 and my personal 577 which was DOA due to a frozen cap. I do know of some one who took a 500 series display unit and married it to a 577 successfully but this was a D2 non storage. He told me the changes were minimal. I also know that there is a start up procedure in the operating instructions for the D1 that if the unit has been shelved for a while you need to “electron wash” the screen for 6 minutes at full “storage” brightness NOT full intensity. I am not sure exactly what this does, but the manual was insistent about it. *reference manual for correct procedure and settings.* Also given the research I have done it seems storage CRT’s are far easer to burn then non storage CRT’s mine has a small burned spot but I know the former owner of mine was a biotech lab so I am guessing the unit was set up for a measurement and I am not sure the controls were ever changed after that given how stiff some of them were, and completely ceased on others hence my need for a 1,600V cap.

I am just diving in to storage CRT's my self so learning as I go.


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I wonder if something is oscillating or out of alignment. At 0V collector there should be little to no deflection in any mode I know from talking to some people here that adjusting the storage / tube sections of the D1 is quite an undertaking and very fiddly adjustment.
I just went through the calibration procedure, or at least most of it, on my 577 because I replaced the faded CRT with a used unit. I don’t know (nor did the previous owner) if it came from another 577 or a 5111 ’scope, which I think uses the same CRT?

The whole calibration seemed fiddly and questionable. Just about everything seemed to be described poorly and seemed more difficult than it should be, but who am I to argue with Tektronix?

Storage went from working well with the old CRT — though the live trace was almost invisible due to the weakness of the CRT — to a nice bright, sharp trace on the new CRT but no storage before calibration, and barely adequate storage after calibration. It seems unreasonably insensitive — it requires considerable trace brightness to work at all — and tends to leave blank spots (though not consistently, so perhaps not target burn?) and if adjusted for greater sensitivity the background fades up unusably, won’t erase consistently or fully, etc.

Both carefully following the calibration instructions and using ad-hack tweak-it-to-work-as-best-it-can wind up with the same results.

I suspect the replacement CRT might have worn out storage internals, though I’m not familiar enough with failure modes in analog storage ’scopes (despite having a 549, a 564, and a 7623) to assess it.

Advice on that would be appreciated.

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