Scope Probe to BNC Adaptor

David Kuhn

Okay, I tried to upload a picture to the TekGroups page and do not know if
I linked it correctly

I am looking for more of the good tektronix Scope Probe to BNC adapters. I
have one (which is kind of flakey) and want more.

I am 90% sure this one is Tektronix. I can remember buying it years ago.
They are hard to find. Would anyone have the Tektronix Part #? Even if
Tek doesn't sell it, the part number would be useful for searching FleeBay,
or elsewhere.

Thanks kindly.


P.S. - if the link I tried didn't work to show the pic of what I am looking
for, please let me know how to do it. I don't think I can just dump a
picture in to the message.

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