Serial numbers on 2465, 2465A and 2465B

Lawrance A. Schneider

When Tektronix started making 2465s, there must have started with an original serial number; I'm sure I'm wrong, but let's say BO00001. Then they started making 2465As. Did they again start at let's say BO00001 or did they continue at what ever the last 2465 serial number happened to be. Or, did they make all three models until the very last unit and keep the serial numbers separate relative to each individual line.

Why do I ask? My 2465B # is BO14xxx. My 2465 # is BO24xxx. Thus, is my 2465 newer than my 2465B? I'm following a seaming policy of not giving the full serial number - I don't know why that seems to be the convention. Clearly my 'push buttons' on the 2465B are different than the 'toggle switches' on my 2465.

Thanks, larry

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