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Hi Dan
I have downloaded a copy of the Define Mnemonics section 7 . It has pointed the way through what I was thinking was some kind of fault having developed on my DAS . The menu's I was seeing did not match any documentation . The menu's in the PAM100 manual could not be found and trying to do what was described in the section 7 that I had in my user manual did not work or was not possible to set up .The new section also says that each table or subtable can have 255 entry's not sharing a total of 255 possible entry's for all the tables .Having read through a couple of times it all seems more complex that I thought it would be thinking back to the earlier way described in my manual . Now it seems for simple processors there might be 2 ways to do things , either a simple single table or a more complex multi-table way to do it . I think first I will try a simple single table to get my software working before trying anything sofisticated as I have to get possibly? binary transfer to work properly . Probably not covered any longer by the GPIB transfer descriptions in my manual but it might be possible to use straight ASCII text data transfer after all .I will be trying that in the couple of days .
I'll be in touch with progress

On Wednesday, 15 April 2020, 00:31:03 BST, Dan G <dgajanovic@...> wrote:

On Fri, Apr 10, 2020 at 07:02 PM, Dan G wrote:

I could not find this version of section 7 online, so I will scan my copy and
upload it to TekWiki in the next few days.
The new version of the DAS 9100 Operator's Manual Section 7 is now
available on the TekWiki. The major change is the addition of the
Table Definition sub-menu (accessed by holding SHIFT while pressing
the DEFINE MNEMONICS key). This seems to be a significant new feature
that was added to the DAS firmware at some point, and makes it possible
to disassemble arbitrary and rather complicated instruction sets.

My guess is that this feature was probably not present in early firmware
versions, though I do not know when it was first added. I can confirm that
v1.09 firmware has the new sub-menu.

Happy disassembling!


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