Re: Replacing hard drive with SSD

David Kuhn

What would we have to do? Remove the old hard drive and image it with a
IDE to USB device and then put that image on the SSD? I plan to be doing
that. I don't know if a software image is still available to install on it
from scratch? My go-to SSD is the 500gb Samsung. ~$100. I assume that is
the one I will order, or a smaller one. I wouldn't think it would be that
difficult, but I would have to learn it. Hopefully, there is someone on
here, or EEVBLOG, that has instructions on how to replace the hard drives
and re-install the software.

On Sun, Apr 12, 2020 at 6:32 PM Bill Higdon via <willard561=> wrote:

Has anyone had success in replacing the old IDE hard drives in the TDS
series with SSD's?


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