Re: How to Remove Knobs

Tony Fleming

Harvey, you are right, one can make a puller and or even get en inexpensive
faucet handle puller - they cost like $7 or so at any lumberyard - that is
the one I use.
Look here what you can get for $5.00 :
One can improve it by putting a double sticking tape and attach thin
leather or something that makes it less slippery and soft so you don't
scratch the knob on the bottom. But that is sometimes too tight to fit, if
the knob is very close to the panel.
You all have a great EASTER!

On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 6:04 PM Harvey White <> wrote:

Assuming that they're press fit ONLY, make two identical 2 tined ramps,
where the distance between forks will accommodate the shaft and nut (if
any). Place one as far in as it will get. That protects the panel.
Put the other one in from the other side and slowly compress them, that
ought to wedge the knob off.

Another option would be to make a knob puller that looks a bit like the
gear pullers you can buy. You'd have to have a "platform" that would
brace against the front panel and pull out.

I like the two wedges better. (something similar is used for removing
jacobs chucks from JT tapers in machining).


On 4/11/2020 10:57 AM, Rich Frahm wrote:
I am missing 2 knobs on my Tektronix can see one of them in
the upper right of this photo:

I do 3D printing and want to see if I can make new ones so would like to
remove one to inspect it. What's the proper way to remove these knobs?



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