Re: Rough Shape Oscilloscopes

Gary Robert Bosworth

Many times, these oscilloscopes are auctioned off on pallets and they
really were abused by forklifts. The shipping and receiving guys are not
technically astute, and they think the oscilloscopes are to be sold off for
scrap metal.

On Sat, Apr 11, 2020 at 4:25 PM Randy.AB9GO <> wrote:

When equipment is sent to the recycling center we toss our surplus in a
Gaylord box. And I mean toss. Ethernet switches that cost $6000.00 a few
years ago are thrown in like trash. You can't even get $20 on eBay for
them. PCs, laptops, printers, medical equipment (I work at a hospital)
thrown right in the Gaylords. Why be gentle with equipment with little to
no value?

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