Re: Rough Shape Oscilloscopes

Harvey White

Once bought a DC5010 counter from a good surplus place.  It didn't work.  After a bit of detective work, I found that two or three connections had been cut (very deliberately, thank you), right at the top of the edge connectors.

Worked perfectly after the repair.


On 4/11/2020 11:58 AM, Jeff Kruth via wrote:
Two things about equipment damage:

First one is many times irritated technicians who want to vent, or want newer gear, damage the older stuff, so that they can get rid of it.Once got a lot from NASA, all '60's -'70's vintage gear (this was in 1979), every piece of the 40 items or so was red tagged, meaning BAD, BER. Only a few pieces were actually defective with minor issues, all the rest was fine. They wanted new stuff!
Second issue is the people in charge of excessing equipment, both gov't and private companies, just really dont care about it. I mean REALLY dont care about it, it aint their stuff. They drop it, crash it together on pallets, breaking knobs and bending stuff, cut cords off, leave it outside, etc.  I once bought 45 7704 scopes that came from Andrews AFB where they had sat in the rain outside for 6 months. Paid <$10.00 ea for them. With plug-ins. Probably shouldnt have bought them as they were a lot of work to clean up and get going. About a 50% recovery rate. Sold the rest off to a well known mail order surplus house.
YMMVJeff Kruth

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I agree, I just cannot understand what people do with (their?) tools/equipment?
(Probably not theirs, so they don't appreciate the value)

My statement:

Tools do NOT break by themselves,

They're broken by the weirdos using them...

And it starts with using a screwdriver as chisel...

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