Re: Tek 222/224 Battery Charger Project, THANK YOU!

Jeff Davis

Hi Dennis,

Thanks very much for your kind words! It's been truly gratifying to see the response - 24 deposits so far for the kits. These old scopes still have lots of life left in them. And of course, for me it's got a lot of fun built in - but I do suspect that the "fun meter" will come off the peg after the 10th or 15th kit 🙂.

I did want to note your concern on shipping batteries. The kit DOES NOT include the 18650 lithium batteries, largely for the reasons you cite. It's safer and easier for each buyer to source the batteries locally.

I also would like to acknowledge my new friend Jimmy Ditman, a member of this list, who contacted me and encouraged me to take this project on, along with providing links to the public domain design information out there on the web. I would never have come across this on my own, as I didn't (until very recently) own a Tek 222A scope. I've also been in contact with the original circuit designer, Kitsune Denshi, who's been of great help and alerted me to some "gotchas" to look out for. Finally, thanks also to NearFarMedia for sharing the case design on Thingiverse.

I'm looking forward to placing the order and waiting for these shiny new boards to arrive from China!


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Subject: [TekScopes] Tek 222/224 Battery Charger Project, THANK YOU!

Hi Jeff,
The members of TekScopes are the beneficiaries of your willingness to find a
supplier for these batteries and to offer to do the same for any of our
members. As original parts wear out or go bad we are going to have to rely
on more people like you and Michael Lynch to locate alternate suppliers.

Extending this offer to other TekScopes members is really going the extra
mile. I am not so sure our members understand this will take you time and
money to do.

TIME: It is time consuming to answer members questions, to process payments,
to keep track of their addresses, to inquire into the shipping charges to
distant countries, to pack these for safe shipping, and to comply with each
countries safety regulations regarding the shipment of batteries (which can
catch fire). You will probably make more than one trip to the post office.

MONEY: You have to buy boxes, labels, packing tape, and bubble wrap, etc. to
do all this for our members.

So be sure your beneficiaries understand it is only reasonable that they
cover the cost of your expenses and the time it takes you to do this for

Dennis Tillman W7pF

Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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