Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Replacement Transformer


Tektronix (not Danaher or Fortive) seems to be going through some really hard times...

I read an article about "best digital oscilloscopes",
where Rigol and Siglent are rated on top, mainly in "value". LOL, I felt so tempted!
But a force in us stronger than pragmatism is LOVE
(that's why one does not trade in one's ancient wife for a brand new one in her 20s...)

I feel so bad, I retract all the negative things I said about Tektronix's (not Fortive's) customer service.

If Siglent and Rigol do good business with inexpensive digital scopes, cannot Tektronix have a line of such products that compete also in price?
While at the same time they preserve the line of very sophisticated, expensive instruments, and build a new portfolio of patents.
Hopefully they didn't retire all the creative ingenious engineers who produced their instruments in the 70s and 80s (earlier ones must be gone by now).
Old engineers can be like the classical Tektronix instruments, having timeless value.


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