Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Replacement Transformer

Chuck Harris

Tektronix was the victim of a takeover by Danaher.

All the time Danaher owned Tektronix, they traded as Tektronix.

Now that Danaher is done with them, and spun them off to Fortive,
they still trade as Tektronix.

Danaher has even less to do with them now than ever.

It makes no sense your calling them Danaher... they never were.

Should we call you Bruce?

-Chuck Harris

Tam Hanna wrote:

Creature of habit. When I got back to active work, they were Danaher.  I have seen
enough change for one life time.

Either way: you want such a trinket printed or not? If yes: tamhan aeht tamoggemon
roundthing come withouttheeattheend


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