Re: 2430A Fails Repet

Szabolcs Szigeti


Yes, you need to use the Dallas nvram, with built in battery. I
suppose it would be possible to restore the external battery but there
are some components that would need to be populated. However, if you
cannot get a replacement nvram (DO NOT buy anything off eBay or
similar sites, they will most likely be fakes, only buy from reputable
source) it is fairly easy to hack an external battery into the chip.
See my earlier post on this, which is actually about a 2430A with
DS1235A nvram.

There are methods for other nvram models if you have something else
than a 1235A in your instrument.

Once you replace the battery, you will need to do a full calibration,
as specified by the service manual. Do a cold start, do a self cal and
them an ext cal. For the 2430A it will be a quite simple process, if I
remember correctly you will only need a DC source to provide some
voltage levels to the channel and trigger inputs. Look at the service
manual on the exact process. Do not worry, this will restore the scope
to fully working, you do not need to save the old values, etc. Also,
while you are inside the scope, you may as well do the display
geometry adjustment, my experience is that these are almost always off
in old scopes. And it is fun to do, as the scope will provide test
images to set various display parameters.
But whatever you do, study the adjustment section in the service
manual first. And don't forget to have an external fan cooling the CCD
module if you are running the scope without the case. The SM also
points this out.


Gary Robert Bosworth <@grbosworth> ezt írta (időpont: 2020.
ápr. 8., Sze, 2:04):

Can anyone give me the complete low-down on the Ram Battery back-up issue. My CMOS battery ran down, and I now get the 4000 Front Panel low battery error message. Do we HAVE TO replace the Dallas Ram chip block? If I have to replace the backup data black block, will the 2430A automatically do a calibration and load the new calibration data into the Dallas chip? My 2430A does not have an external battery, and there is a wire connecting the + and - terminal pads where the battery would go. Does this mean that I MUST use the same type of internal battery Dallas block? I put a 3.7 Volt Lithium backup battery in the place where the jumper was, but it had no effect on the operation of the scope. I can press the Auto Setup button and the scope works perfect, but the next time I power up the scope it gives me the same 4000 FPP error code again.

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