Re: 2430A Fails Repet

Craig Cramb

On Apr 7, 2020, at 7:04 PM, Gary Robert Bosworth <@grbosworth> wrote:

´╗┐Can anyone give me the complete low-down on the Ram Battery back-up issue. My CMOS battery ran down, and I now get the 4000 Front Panel low battery error message. Do we HAVE TO replace the Dallas Ram chip block? If I have to replace the backup data black block, will the 2430A automatically do a calibration and load the new calibration data into the Dallas chip? My 2430A does not have an external battery, and there is a wire connecting the + and - terminal pads where the battery would go. Does this mean that I MUST use the same type of internal battery Dallas block? I put a 3.7 Volt Lithium backup battery in the place where the jumper was, but it had no effect on the operation of the scope. I can press the Auto Setup button and the scope works perfect, but the next time I power up the scope it gives me the same 4000 FPP error code again.

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