Re: 184 Time Mark Gen. - 2nS & 5nS not working


Thanks for the information guys, looks like I don't have the equipment or the knowledge to fix the 500MHz output. Not going to buy Nuvistors if I won't be able to check the results. My 465 is a 100MHz scope, it shows 130mVpp signal at 200MHz output, so I believe that signal is OK. This 184 is working correctly except for the 500MHz. Only other issue is the 10MHz oscillator frequency does not have enough adjustment range. It is close enough, checking it with a GPSDO at 10MHz it is 9.999xxx, but it is at the limit of adjustment on C11. Any idea why the oscillator is beyond the range of C11 adjustment? Is it just the age of the crystal? Has anyone tried to reduce value of capacitor C11 by putting another cap in series with it? Only need to lower value of C11 a couple pF to fix it. I am amazed at how accurate this 184 is being all analog.

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