Re: 2445A slow


I actually did just that yesterday before I removed the power supply. I placed a signal from my sg502 into channel 1 and a signal from my low distortion oscillator to channel two. Both displayed correctly, incidentally I did the same thing with channels 3 and 4 with good results. Honestly Mr Harris I don’t think the scope or curve tracer is to blame. I’m pretty sure that the faults lie with my inabilities to properly set the scope up for a proper XY display. I hooked both curve tracers to my HP54645A 100 MHz scope and set it and forget it and everything displays as should so I’m positive that I am the error. The curve tracers I’m using are a Jud Williams/Sprague model A curve tracer. The other is a thaikits preassembled curve tracer that I bought off ebay. On my HP scopes it requires the ground from the curve tracer to the oscilloscope to be joined before it will give a proper display but it’s made no difference on the tek scope. Well, I tell a lie, I get an angled line from left to right corner of the crt and if I connect ground I get a display in the center of what looks like the comb but the fingers are elongated loops instead of straight lines? I’m sure it’s operator error. If I may ask, which is the anode board that had been suggested as needing recapped as well. I cannot find any mention of it in the SM.

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