My role: Moderator or Co-Owner


To Everyone,
I need to clarify something:
It is true that I am a CO-OWNER of TekScopes, along with Michael Dunn the Founder. There is very little involved in being a co-owner - we make decisions regarding the future of TekScopes, and I occasionally ask Michael for guidance. As a group owner I have absolute power over what happens. That power is for extreme situations only. Persuasion and peer pressure are always more effective. I would never use that power because I disagree with something someone said.

My real responsibility is to be the MODERATOR keeping TekScopes focused on the original purpose Michael intended when he created TekScopes: All about classic Tektronix test equipment, its use, repair, and collecting.

There is nothing about TekScopes that would prevent anyone from expressing themselves freely. I would never knowingly prevent posts from anyone as long as they pertain to Tektronix. I may disagree, I may express my disagreement, but that should never be interpreted as a warning of any kind. Occasionally a thread will wander so far from the purpose of TekScopes that I will request interested parties continue their discussion off-line.

I would not be able to benefit from all the fabulous Tek instruments I own without the help of others. In that regard we are all fortunate to have the support of vintageTEK, TekWiki, and TekScopes.
It is unreasonable to expect electronic equipment, even when designed with the best possible engineering practices, to last forever. This is not a requirement for the test equipment Tektronix makes.

What makes our obsession (weakness, labor of love, pastime, etc.) interesting is the challenge of maintaining these instruments in working condition. If they worked forever there would be little need for TekScopes.

Dennis Tillman W7pF

Dennis Tillman W7PF
TekScopes Moderator

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