Re: vintageTEK scanned transformer drawings for 120-0998-01 and up


Acrobat usually automatically installs their PDF "virtual printer" as an integral part of the program which you are using. I have never seen this "Virtual Printer" have to be installed separately and I have been using various versions of Acrobat PRO and Acrobat Reader for decades with Windows Vista, XP 7,8 10, etc. . If you go to your Windows control panel, look for the ADOBE PDF "printer" icon. This is the virtual printer that allows you to create a separate PDF of individual or groups of pages from inside a larger PDF. My Window 10 version actually shows 3 virtual PDF printers installed. It should be a simple matter of selecting this as your "printer" from the drop down menu of the Print dialog window.

Microsoft Print to PDF
Quicken PDF Printer.

Good luck

Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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