Re: 465 dot only, no sweep

Bert Haskins

On 4/5/2020 10:17 AM, james_55@... wrote:
After drawing up a list of every component in the -8v rail, I set about testing them all.

As R1565 (8K) was being removed it revealed itself to be broken in two. So that is some kind of progress, and I have temporarily installed a 10k which took the -8v rail down to -6.09v

By switching over op-amps U1554 and U1524 there were clear differences on the -8v, +5v and +15v rails, so therein lies another part to be ordered.

If I select the X10 Mag, a small (1") sweep does now appear, but without any vertical deflection.

I was trying to attach the power section of the schematic here
Go back to the op amps and clean the pins and sockets.

Reinsert the chips and wiggle them around.

Then remeasure and see if you have a different result from your step two .

You may just have a poor contact problem.

Been there, done that.

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