Re: Tek 576 Curve Tracer HV Replacement Transformer

Chuck Harris


A couple of things:

1) Dennis owns this group... plan accordingly.
2) You are not the oldest, nor the wisest member of this
group... not by a long shot.

We avoid chest thumping, because it results in wars of words,
rolled eyes, ruffled feathers, and hurt feelings...

And, the inevitable bloodshed rusts the equipment.

-Chuck Harris

Ernesto wrote:

Hi Dennis,

I am sorry if I made you waste your time over my rant. You probably have the fortune of having much life time ahead to acquire maturity and not get upset over the rant of an old man.

I have experience with excellence, but not in the consumer products market. I worked practically all my life for a service company in the oil industry, Schlumberger. If you are familiar with this industry, you must know that this company has always been and is by far the leader in measurements in oil wells, or "well logging". Its presence is all over the world. It provides excellent service to its customers, the oil companies, and they cultivate the relationship because this company can do things no other one can, important in a highly expensive environment. After working in the field, I designed for over 30 years all sorts of electronic equipment and data acquisition systems, so I know about quality and reliability in severe environments. This equipment has to work in the wells at a temperature range from freezing to 350 degF, under enormous pressures, support the banging of transportation to well sites and handling at an oil rig (people there are not suave), and yet make delicate complex measurements for long hours without failure. Rig time is very expensive, and a little failure can mean long hours of down time of the rig, at tens of thousands of dollars. Schlumberger has developed measurements using any imaginable physical magnitude, including nuclear magnetic resonance, to find, qualify and help extract that "black gold" from down there.

My former company does not sell its sophisticated equipment, it sells its service using it, at indecent high prices... (until now?). I used to do measurements non stop for up to 2 days at an oil well, and our customer was like God. It is the attitude of service or lack of it what drove my opinion of Tektronix, not the quality of their equipment. If so many VOLUNTEERS put their time to cultivate that legacy which helps hold high the image of the company, why cannot they have ONE person among their 4500 employees who is a liaison to these volunteers and their members, and shows interest for their problems and offers solutions?

BTW, I also have esteem for the 7854 oscilloscope, especially its service manual. I am reading it now to learn the principles of the early digitizing system. The inverter and HV supply are close to the ones in my 7704, and if I experience a failure in the HV transformer I will do like I did with the 547, find a solution around it, or build one myself, of course with the help of the TekScopes community.


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