Re: 2445A slow


Thanks for that lesson in capacitance I'm in no way being snobby when I say this but that was excellent information that I haven't been privy too until you told me that in your message concerning upping the value of capacitance, so thank you VERY much for the education. I keep like I said Nichicon UPW series low esr high ripple on hand to re cap most all of my jobs so I'm going to assume that those will work by your message. I have some visual and Wima film style caps as well as some ceramic discs caps. I hate to ask a redundant question but would the film type caps be suitable for the safety caps or should I go with something different? I plan on recapping the LV supply today. I'm not familiar with the other part of the scope that needs recapped as well matter of fact I'm not quite sure what to look for ( Anode supply board) I have most all of the values that you listed for the LV supply and I purchase all my parts from mouser. I have some 1uf Wima film caps if that would work for the one bipolar cap. I'm not sure I have the other film caps in the specified voltage values but I'll look. Also, I did as you said about not pressing any channel buttons in xy mode but all I get is an angled line with no comb from transistor specs. I'm positively sure it's operator error as I get a good readout on my digital scope it's just real grainy and hard to read hence me purchasing this scope, primarily to use my curve tracers with.......

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