Re: 2782 electrical schematics


Hi again,
No, the CRT tube is good  as I see all the information on the screen but completly unfocused.I suppose that the D/A are not working or perhaps the circuits arround this D/A.Because the current confinement it will unfortunately be bad for later...

Le mardi 31 mars 2020 à 04:50:13 UTC+1, Ernesto <> a écrit :

Hi evdsp39,

The manual in tekwiki has also plenty of block diagrams but no circuit diagrams.  (has Tektronix decided that circuit diagrams are obsolete??)

Did you get any response from the poster who has the circuit diagram at the other site you consulted, ?

When you say that focus, astigmatism and intensity are not working,  does this mean that the tube seems to be dead?
If you find no circuit diagrams,  can you go into the instrument and measure the voltages at the CRT, probably wrong or missing, and improvise a traditional high voltage supply for this CRT that at least lets you see something on its screen?

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