Re: 184 Time Mark Gen. - 2nS & 5nS not working


It would take the bandwidth of at least a 485 (350MHz) to verify the level of the 5 or 2 nS outputs. At 500 MHz, a well-tweaked 485 has a response down about 40%, so the 2nS output would measure less than 200mV if it meets spec. The vintageTEK Museum recently restored and sold a number of 184's. To do so required going through our entire stock of nuvistors with a curve tracer and picking the best ones for the 5 and 2nS outputs. Even then, tuning is extremely critical,and changes with the instrument in and out of the case. Also, the stages leading up to the highest frequency need to be tuned well -- LILO! Low in, low out.

Bob Haas

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