Re: 531A power supply ripple


Hmm. I'm afraid I did damage something.
It seems that I accidently shorted +100 V and -150 V (some lead bent and came in contact with its neighbour without me noticing), LR149 (in the time-base generator section) started to smoke. Now when I power the scope there's a high frequency whine somewhere (near the CRT high voltage generator, it seems) and the -150V shows a 100 kHz 7 Vpp fully rectified sine wave superimposed with a 100 Hz ripple.
Besides, the trace now only spans 6 horizontal divisions.

I forgot to mention that I'm in France, where the electric network frequency is 50 Hz and not 60 Hz like in the US. Hence the fully rectified 100 Hz ripple.

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Hi Nicolas,

all regulated voltages are referenced to the -150V supply, make sure this is clean and correct first.


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