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I know my 2445 has the snubbers. In an effort to find what had smoked, I decided to shotgun all the larger electrolytics as well as the the snubbers. After replacing the electrolytics (and, unfortunately, finding them all testing good), the last thing I replaced was the snubbers and it was only then that I noticed that one of them had blown through a crack on one end. Wish I'd seen that one first but maybe I bought some extra time with new electrolytics on those boards.

Barry - N4BUQ

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All of the power supplies in the 2465 family are the same +/- the
fan mounting hardware.

The safety capacitors are yellow, and will have a clear epoxy coating
that makes the outer foil visible. They are paper, and the epoxy will
be cracked.

The don't need to be safety capacitors, as they are not directly across
the power line, but rather are being used as snubbers, with a series
flame proof resistor. They are 0.068uf, 330VAC rated, and are located
on the inverter board.

There are a couple of other in smaller values, that are even less likely
to be a problem.

-Chuck Harris

Steve wrote:

You’ve also mentioned the wima safety caps but I’m not seeing any of those.
And you had stated in one message 2465 and I just wanted to make certain
that before I follow your cap change instructions that this applies to the

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