Re: 184 Time Mark Gen. - 2nS & 5nS not working

Melvin Gleep

You can check for bad nuvistors by simply swapping positions with other nuvistors – just be sure to note which nuvistors you swap and insure you swap back to their original places, otherwise you will have to do a complete recalibration.

My 184 is working completely within specs, but I do remember I had to do some tweaking on the Position between L69 and L70 to get the proper Amplitude. The tuning of the 200 Mhz and 500 Mhz boards is very sensitive, but if your components are all OK, following the calibration instructions diligently should get you to good results.

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Gesendet: Freitag, 3. April 2020 22:06
Betreff: [TekScopes] 184 Time Mark Gen. - 2nS & 5nS not working

Only issue I have left to fix is the 5nS sine output is only 88mVpp. should be minimum of 0.3Vpp, and the 2nS sine output is not working at all. Have 100Mhz 3.7Vpp at input to 2nS board, no output. Have 2Vpp 100Mhz at input to 5nS board, only 88mVpp @ 50 ohm 200Mhz at output. Can any one help? I am wondering if either of the tubes V60 or V70 on 2nS board could be bad. Is there any way to check? Is it possible that the 5nS output is only 88mV because of the low input of only 2Vpp ? Could the forward voltage drop on the diodes of the doubler be that much?

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