Re: DAS9100 does anyone still remember it


Hi Dan , I'll be most grateful for any information regarding use of the RS232 or GPIB ports for data transfer . I have only the one DAS so my hope is purely to be able to save setups and pnemonic files somewhere safer than on the tape drive , unless I can get that sorted . I think I will find it much easier to regenerate pnemonic files using a pc with a full-screen editor rather than the 24line x 80 DAS screen . Being able to transfer them to the DAS via one of the ports will be great and if they can also be saved on tape by that process even better .I have re-read a section of one of my manuals and the impression is gives is that you can control the DAS by comands sent through one or the other port but rhere is no mention of data transfer , an example was that you can tell it to load or save data to the tape drive but no mention of sending it elsewhere via one of the ports .

On Friday, 3 April 2020, 17:41:01 BST, Dan G <> wrote:

Hi Brian,

The capstan roller on my tape drive is also ok. This sounds like a common problem on the HP drives
(I've never had one), but it looks like Tektronix may have used a more stable material.

Regarding data transfer via RS-232 and GPIB: I had looked into this a number of years ago, but now
I will have to dig up my old notes and files. I'm afraid I've never tried connecting an external display.

The main power supply board of my DAS is currently under repair (it "works", but there are huge
undamped oscillations in the main transformer, and I don't want to run it in this condition for any
length of time). Once I've put the mainframe back together again, and I've found my old notes, I'll do
some data transfer tests and let you know.


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