Re: 2445A slow

Brad Thompson

Chuck Harris wrote on 4/3/2020 10:48 AM:

Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way.
The caps tek used leak through the lead seals long
before they cease being good enough to meet the
ripple specs.

I think the capacitor manufacturer knew that leakage
was going to be a problem, because in addition to the
usual rubber lead seal, they filled the area after the
seal with red, or black epoxy.


IIRC, at one of my former employer's facility, the solder flux-remover solvent in use at the time attacked
conventional electrolytics' rubber end seals. The epoxy end seals prevented the damage
but those capacitors were more expensive. Again IIRC, the PC-board manufacturing process changed to
a different flux and solvent that didn't attack the rubber end seals.


Brad  AA1IP

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