Re: Tektronix 2465, 2465A, or 2465B

Tom Gardner

I have had both 2465s and 2445Bs. I've sold my B and kept the 2465.

The first question I would ask is whether a scope is the right instrument for your HF work. You should understand how the sensitivity and linearity and the input capacitance (=> VSWR) will affect whatever you want to do. Frequently for RF work a 50ohm spectrum analyser is more appropriate.

Secondly, 24x5s don't have an internal battery for the calibration constants, which is an advantage to me. Replacing that battery isn't trivial.

All 24x5x should have their delayed action smoke generators (RIFA filter caps) replaced; I've had one remove part of the PCB prepreg when it erupted. Replacing other PSU caps is desirable.

The three SMD caps on the A5 board should be replaced before they leak.

Finally, your point about the autosetup. To me it is only a minor convenience; learning how to setup a scope is easy and an essential skill. Auto measurement is more convenient, but not essential since manually moving cursors isn't that difficult!

My opinion: if you want a scope, get a working 2465 which has had the caps replaced. YMMV.

On 01/04/20 04:31, Ross Hollinger via wrote:
I am new to scopes and am looking for a good analog scope for HF work. I like these scopes, but am torn between the three. I like the idea on auto set up, which would leave the 2465 out, but I don't know if the 2465B would be overkill. About me, I tend to over buy on purpose. I'm a believer in buy it once and save money. The notion of "beginner" or "starter" anything doesn't resonate with me - if you can learn on one, you can learn on any. I have read that the 2400 series tend to overheat, or get real hot, when operating. Also, that the power supplies are less than desirable. But then, those are a few opinions that may not be valid. The thing that concerns me would be having to replace older caps that may leak, blah, blah. Are there any thoughts about these, and are there any suggestions about where to look for refurbished units from good repair facilities.

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