184 Time Mark Gen. Marker Amplifier


After replacing all filter caps in power supply, supply ripple is below spec on all voltage's, normal 1V @ 50 ohm output Markers are all working. But 25V @ 1K ohm Marker Amplifier is only working up to .5mS marker. 1mS marker is OK if I trigger scope at 250uS, which only displays 3 markers. If I trigger scope slower than this markers are intermittent, or not there at all. Markers 5mS thru 5S do not display. Amplitude of markers is correct with 1K termination, output has 25Vpp. When I check the 1V@ 50 ohm .1uS Marker, with the scope set to trigger at 25mS I get a display that I don't know how to explain, so I will post a picture in a folder named "184 Marker Amplifier". At this setting the Marker output is periodic. I believe this is why the long marker periods will not display with the Marker amplifier. The long trigger settings are probably happening during dropout in marker output. Really need your help here guys, power supply is good now, don't know how to proceed, or which setting is causing dropout.

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