Re: TDS 420 Oscilloscope


Fortunately, the 460A was built well after the time of the capacitor plague. I pulled all the caps from the SMPS on two units as well as inspected the SM caps on all the boards. All the PSU caps were not leaking and low ESR. The SM caps on the boards look great, no sign of leaking. Both of my scopes were built in the later1990’s. These scopes might not be cutting edge by today’s standards, and have limitations, but they are very capable scopes none the less. You need to weigh your needs and determine if these limitations are going to hinder you in your intended use. I bought both of mine 460A scopes for much less than the price of a single nice 465B that we see being sold today. IMO, They are a good value IF one does not pay too much for a nice example and if you can work within the limiting factors that have already been discussed. I would never buy one that is not working, at least for a novice like myself, the component level repairs are way over my head. Fixing a SMPS is one thing, fixing a main board is an entirely different story.
Michael Lynch
Dardanelle, AR

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