Re: TDS 420 Oscilloscope


On Sun, Mar 29, 2020 at 10:51 AM David DiGiacomo <daviddigiacomo@...>

If you must have a vintage DSO, I think an HP 54622A would be a good
On my bench I, in order of preference, I have a Tek 2467, a HP54622D and a
TDS784D. The 2467 is a joy to use, but when need to look at slow or
one-time signals, I go to the HP. Only if I run out of bandwidth do I ever
turn on the TDS scope.
So I'd second the suggestion of going for a HP54622X or similar in
preference to the TDS420.
The HP54600-series scopes drive pretty much like analog scopes, but have
long record capture, a good triggering suite and the -D versions come with
16 digital channels. In addition to the -22 and -24, which are 100MHz
bandwith, there exist 60, 350 and 500MHz variations (

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