7104, fixing a few minor things


Hi all,

Hope everyone is well and avoiding cabin fever! Part of my cabin fever antidote is spending time in my lab. :o)

Anyway, some of you may remember that I picked up a very nice shape 7104 + plugins at a property auction a while back, for a cool $125. While the scope is ~99% in great working order, it's that final 1% that I'd like to see if I can deal with, pretty much minor things.

1) Readout intensity only works in the "pulsed" position, triggered by +gate. I can adjust the readout brightness fully using the pot in the "pulsed" position.

2) The readout disappears on a few timebase settings, mainly about midrange sec/div settings.

3) SIG OUT seems to not have usable output.

4) On certain faster timebase settings, the trigger point and some of the displayed waveform "disappears". Worth noting that my 7904A which also has a 7B15 in the delaying position also does this. Is it expected behavior?

I mainly want to ascertain if these are common issues with known solutions.



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