Re: TDS3000B calibration


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 05:35 PM, benj3867 wrote:

BTW, a suitable fast rise pulse generator can be easily built at home
following the instructions in appendix D of Linear Technology Application Note
47 by Jim Williams (easily found on the web).
It depends on what is needed. A pulse generator like John Williams' is suitable for checking or adjusting slew rate, which means maximum HF content. That is not the same as adjusting for optimum bandwidth, where a step response allows adjustment for flat frequency characteristics.
I doubt whether Jim Williams'pulser would produce satisfactory results or even work with the automatic adjustment routine for a TDS3000-series 'scope. At least, the pulse would have to be lengthened and flattened (using an airline, piece of coax or the like). For the same reasons, a PG506 works fine for adjusting the vertical amp of a 'scope (where 0.7 - 1000 ps rise time is fast enough) and the PG502, with comparable rise time isn't, because of the far less controlled waveshape of the PG502.

BTW sorry for mentioning Leo Bodnar's pulser in an earlier post. At the time, I hadn't seen that it was mentioned before.


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