Tek 222/224 Battery Replacement

Jeff Davis

Hi all,

One of my customers approached me a few weeks ago about a project to replace the sealed lead acid battery (now unobtainium) in Tek 222/224 scopes with lithium ion cells that presumably will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. He pointed me to a really well done project with a public domain license. There's a YouTube video on it - https://youtu.be/LJ2VS3aohV0.

After a couple of weeks of capturing schematics, sourcing parts, etc. I'm about ready to hit Send on an order for the PCBs. Before I do that, however, I wanted to check with the community to see if there's sufficient interest to order more than the minimum quantity of boards.

How about it, Tek 222/224 collectors? Any interest in a battery pack replacement based on the design in the YouTube video above?

Jeff / N0DY

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