Re: Tek Blue Paint

Paul Amaranth

I use one of the cheap HLVP guns from HF; it can be used for latex
or enamel, just has to be thinned properly. It works pretty well.

It's unlikely you'll find someone to mix up less than a gallon of
custom color.

Most auto paints are catalized enamels these days and need hazmat
gear to handle safely. Most of the time I stick with a Sherwin
Williams industrial enamel. One word of warning: if you spray
it outside (which is the smart thing to do if you don't have a
paint booth), it will attract skads of gnats that like to land
in the wet paint where they dissolve. Ugh.


On Thu, Mar 26, 2020 at 06:17:36AM -0700, Harold Foster wrote:
Bert: I like the color of the Bahama Sea - bright.

All: Expanding the topic a bit, but: what are your thoughts on the way (method) to paint? Off the shelf spray paint is convenient but is not always consistent either in color or the consistency of the paint itself. Someone mentioned using a fine knap roller - again, for me at least, that seems tricky - especially for items with holes and/or other topographical features. I've thought about a small airless sprayer (Harbor Freight's version of these have a good reputation) or even a larger air-brush setup and these would give the benefit of custom paint being able to be mixed and used. Then there is the selection of paint type - though expensive, I would think an automotive paint would be an excellent choice providing you could have it mixed in a small enough/affordable volume. I have had a couple of items powder coated locally and I have been *very* happy with the outcome there - and very inexpensive especially if they have the color(s) already in stock. So, thoughts?


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