Re: TDS3000B calibration


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 09:38 PM, benj3867 wrote:

Finally, @amirb, you are confusing calibration with performance verification.
To use some of your words, "you are confusing calibration with adjustment".
Obviously the word Calibration mean different things to different people.
Calibration, at least how we did it at Tek in Europe, was almost always
Performance Verification. There were even two Calibration options for customers
to choose from, PV or Adj, with different prices of course.
In the contract with our major customer it said that if a test was within 70%
of spec no action should be done. If it came out between 70 and 100% of spec
adjustment should be done. If the adjustment failed to return it to less
than 70% or couldn't be done the instrument would still Pass. In either case
it should be noted on the Certificate. And of course if the instrument was
out of spec and couldn't be brought back to within it would Fail the Calibration.


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