TEK 575 and 517 in Tucson

Tom Bowers

The only electronic component supplier I know of in Tucson, AZ is Elliott Electronic Supply. They recently opened a surplus store in the other half of their building and today was the first time I had a chance to see what is there. They have a 575 curve tracer and a 517 scope. From the front, they are pretty dirty but don't look damaged as far as I could see. I have no idea what the operating condition might be, or if the internals are even present. But if anyone is interested, you can call them at 520-884-7394. They are open M-F from 8 - 5:30 and Sat 9-3 Arizona time. I am not at all associated with them, just passing this along in case someone is interested. The 575 is priced at $20 and the 517 is priced at $25. I took a picture of the front of each which I can supply if interested, email me at pvhengineering at g mail dot com. Tom Bowers

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