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Bert Haskins

On 3/25/2020 10:32 AM, ArtekManuals wrote:
A couple of points about this comment (which is very valid)

1) Paint that is 40 years old versus a shade today will have aged differently  due to underlying formulation aging characteristics, time and UV exposure. A paint job that matches today may not match 10 years from now due to different aging characteristics of the two paints. If your really OCD about paint jobs you should paint the whole thing so that you don't have a mismatch due to differences in aging characteristics

2) (both) of my wives were artist and my brother in-law who was a (color blind) engineer for Bausch and Lomb  for 20+years will all tell you that the structure in our eyes are different from person to person and that we do not all see given colors in the same hue. What you may have heard of as "rods and cones" in our eyes for color vision are actually resonant structures not unlike what we are used to thinking about in microwaves . So while a given touch up may look perfect to me to another person it may look like a giant zit

Have fun I stopped worrying about the color of things 35 years ago


On 3/25/2020 9:20 AM, Bert Haskins wrote:

On 3/23/2020 11:11 PM, Brendan via Groups.Io wrote:
The closest I have been able to come is Bahama Sea by Krylon.
I bought some of this for my 22xx scopes and it is way off, at least for matching.

- Bert
OK. I took a photo that shows a blank panel painted with Krylon Bahama Sea ( $9.65 @ Amazon ) next to a 465M and one of my favorite 2232s.

The panel was painted quite a while ago and was baked in the sun for several days.

Reply with your regular email address and I will reply with the picture attached.

Please ignore the non Tek box.

If you think this is worth posting to the photos section, I can do that later.


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