Re: TEKTRONIX 491 measuring wifi signals


Hi Renée,

I find that the 475 is a very fine instrument. Portable, 200 Mhz, dual channel, dual time base. I used plenty of them years ago at work. A true lab workhorse.

I am not a professional musician but just an amateur. The reason I mentioned pianos is because they share with Tektronix a cult of excellence. I am sure you are familiar with a similar excellence in wind instruments.
Like a Tektronix oscilloscope, a top brand piano is a piece of master craftsmanship and art. Like with Tektronix, there is a culture in the appreciation of the older instruments, as well as admiration in the technology of the new ones.
Like I have an old Tektronix 547, unused in the garage for 40 years until recently restored, I have a Mason & Hamlin grand piano, but being played in my living room. This instrument is a 1915, over 100 years old, which makes it twice as old as the 547. And like the 547 with its beautiful sharp trace, it has a refined full sound that is characteristic of this brand from the golden era of pianos.

Good luck fixing your 2710 spectrum analyzer, the 475 must be a good help with this, except in the Ghz range.

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