Re: TDS3000B calibration


On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 12:43 AM, amirb wrote:

for fast rise pulser, is it possible to use one of Leo Bodnar's? is the
frequency really important?
As far as I know, the Leo Bodnar pulser operates at 10MHz which is way too fast.
The TDS3000B service manual says that the frequency should be in the range of 100Hz to 1MHz. Why would they say 100Hz to 1MHz if 100Hz to 10MHz would also work?

While the Bodnar pulser would have been perfectly fine if you were to manually check the rise time of the scope, it will almost certainly not work in the calibration process which is automatic and during which the user can not adjust anything on the scope.

BTW, a suitable fast rise pulse generator can be easily built at home following the instructions in appendix D of Linear Technology Application Note 47 by Jim Williams (easily found on the web). All you need are 3 resistors, a capacitor, and a 2N2369 transistor. You also need a very low-current 90V power supply, which you can either build using an LT1073 as shown in the same article, or simply get from your friendly local *Bay (about $5 for a "DC-DC 8-32V to 45~390V High Voltage Boost Converter").

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