Re: TEKTRONIX 491 measuring wifi signals


geez Ernesto, seems along my thoughts---I wonder how many here are/were professional musicians???....myself an upper woodwind specialist, still working.....well not in this current environment....back to making oboe reeds.....and fixing my 2710 that was given to me. I wish it had the tracking gen battery made a mess........however,
I am happy with my 475 (200Mhz) ...although someday a 500Mhz would be nice ( think 7000 main frame or a 485).

On 3/24/20 9:03 PM, Ernesto wrote:
By the way, this high bandwidth scope I mentioned, the tektronix DPO70000SX, can sample at 200 Giga-samples/sec, with 5 pico-second sample resolution. And the price of this instrument with asynchronous time interleaving, ATI, starts at a mere $315,000.00 I know, it leaves my beloved 547 in the dust! But... I seldom need to measure anything with a 5 pico-second resolution. I enjoy the most with audio signals, ultrasound and signals up to the low RF frequencies.*If someone were to give me one as a present, I would sell it promptly and with the money buy a Fazioli concert grand piano.*

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